1961 ***1/2 152 mins.

Let me begin by saying that I hate this film. If it weren't for the fact that it has such a huge fan following and is considered "one of the greatest films of all time," I would probably give it only two stars. To me, this film suffers from the same ailment that the film version of Godspell suffers from. That's that it's just too over-the-top for cinema. In the theatre, it's probably awesome, but the big movements just don't translate to the screen. Plus, "America" and "I Feel Pretty" just irritate me to no living end. On the other hand, though, I like "Tonight" and "Maria." Also, the opening of the film is awesome, as well is the ending. The film has one of the most creative ending credit sequences I've ever seen. So, this film does have a few good points, don't get me wrong. I just never want to have to sit down for two and a half hours again and watch it. The film is, basically, a rip-off of Romeo and Juliet, set in New York City, and with a different ending.
Original theatrical aspect ratio: 2.20:1 (Super Panavision 70)
Not Rated.

Natalie Wood + Richard Beymer + Russ Tamblyn + Rita Moreno + George Chakiris

Screenplay by
Ernest Lehman

Directed by
Robert Wise & Jerome Robbins


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