1944 **** 85 mins.

Leave it to the great Akira Kurosawa to take a wartime propaganda film and turn it into a work of art. Admittedly, the first time I watched this film, I didn't really get into it. Watching it again, about seven years later, I found myself thoroughly enjoying it, really getting into the characters and their plight. The Most Beautiful centers around a group of young women who volunteer at a fiber optics factory during World War II. An increase on production quota has been ordered, and this puts immense strain on the women, some of them falling ill. It's a simple, yet beautiful film. It may be a product of its time, but it has powerful messages for all time.
Original theatrical aspect ratio: 1.37:1
Not Rated.

Takashi Shimura + Soji Kiyokawa + Ichiro Sugai + Takako Irie + Sayuri Tanima + Sachiko Ozaki + Asako Suzuki + Haruko Toyama + Yoko Yaguchi

Screenplay by
Akira Kurosawa

Directed by
Akira Kurosawa

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