the doors

1991 ***1/2 138 mins.

As much as I respect film critic Leonard Maltin, I don't often agree with him. With Oliver Stone's film The Doors, though, I agree with him 100%, and he words it perfectly in his Movie Guide: "Vivit impression of famed rocker Jim Morrison's rise to fame, and eventual undoing. Stone masterfully re-creates the late '60s/early '70s rock and drug scene, and Kilmer is perfect in the lead...but when it's all over, you don't know very much more about Morrison than when the film began. The film's excesses also tend to parallel Morrison's." Feeling like a drug-induced haze from beginning to end, the film has an amazing style, but a film needs more than just style to be a great film. As a fan of Jim Morrison and the Doors, I enjoyed the film for what it was, but I would have appreciated a bit more insight.
Original theatrical aspect ratio: 2.35:1 (Panavision)
Rated R for heavy drug content, and for strong sexuality and language.

Val Kilmer + Meg Ryan + Kevin Dillon + Kyle Maclachlan + Frank Whaley + Michael Madsen + Billy Idol + Kathleen Quinlan

Written by J. Randal Johnson and Oliver Stone
Directed by
Oliver Stone


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