1929 **1/2 100 mins.

This second film to win the Oscar for Best Picture has not stood up well against the test of time. Back in 1929, it began the craze of the big Hollywood musical. Back in 1929, it was a hit, a blockbuster. All these years later, though, the story is bland, the songs are underproduced, and the film is just plain boring. It's really not worth seeing except as a curiosity piece. The title song and "You Were Meant for Me" were much better served in Singin' in the Rain. In fact, one becomes quickly irritated with the title song, as it is performed relentlessly throughout the first half of the film. Don't waste your time.
Original theatrical aspect ratio: 1.20:1
Not Rated.

Charles King + Anita Page + Bessie Love

Story by
Edmund Goulding

Continuity by
Sarah Y. Mason

Lyrics by
Arthur Freed

Music by
Nacio Herb Brown

Dialogue by
Noman Houston and James Gleason

Directed by
Harry Beaumont


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