2011 **** 100 mins.

We now have TWO silent films that have won the Academy Award for Best Picture. 1927's Wings and 2011's The Artist. From the outset, The Artist may sound like it has been done before. The struggles of an actor in the shift from silent cinema to talkies. Ahem, Singin' in the Rain. However, The Artist takes the situation and makes it original again, while still paying homage to Singin' in the Rain. Both films begin with a successful silent film premiere. Halfway through both films, the main character has a flop of a film, a scene which is followed by a rainy scene. Plus, The Oscar-winning performance by Jean Dujardin invokes the spirit of Gene Kelly in nearly every scene. A film of love and passion for the world of silent cinema, The Artist is a bold experiment in this digital age that works beautifully.
Original theatrical aspect ratio: 1.37:1
Rated PG-13 for a disturbing image and a crude gesture.

Jean Dujardin + Berenice Bejo + John Goodman + James Cromwell + Penelope Ann Miller + Malcolm McDowell

Written and Directed by
Michel Hazanavicius


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