1977 *****
Original Theatrical Version runs 121 mins.
Special Edition and its variations run 125 mins.

George Lucas's science fiction masterpiece has had many imitators and parodies, but nothing can touch the original. The story begins in a dark time in the universe. The illustrious Galactic Republic has been turned into the evil Galactic Empire. We meet a young man on a desert planet. With him, we learn about the Jedi and of the small band of rebels determined to restore peace and justice to the galaxy. A fantastic adventure.

In 1977, the film was released theatrically as "Star Wars" It was not until the re-release in 1981 that "Episode IV - A New Hope" was added to the film. The only home video release off the film to not have "Episode IV - A New Hope" on the film is the limited edition 2006 DVD release, which featured a 4x3 Letterboxed version of the original theatrical release of the film as a bonus feature. As for all the other alternate versions of the film, I'm not as against them as many people are. They are still the same film, and I enjoy watching them as much as I do the original. The scene with Jabba the Hutt is interesting, as well are all the other special effects additions. One thing is for certain, though, the DVD and Blu-ray releases are vast improvements over the original 1997 Special Edition because the new CG effects are touched up more so they blend in a lot better. The DVD and Blu-ray editions are also good to make the older films match the prequel trilogy more in look and feel. So, they do serve their purpose, although nothing will ever top the originals.
Original theatrical aspect ratio: 2.35:1 (Panavision)
Rated PG

Mark Hamill + Harrison Ford + Carrie Fisher + Peter Cushing + Alec Guinness + Kenny Baker + Anthony Daniels + David Prowse + Peter Mayhew + James Earl Jones (voice)

Written and Directed by
George Lucas


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