2015 **1/2 128 mins.

I was raised Catholic and was an altar server, so this movie was very difficult for me to watch. Not because I ever had a priest touch or talk to me in a wrong way, but because I am sick and fucking tired of Hollywood and the press publicizing things like this happening within the Catholic church. Things like this happen everywhere in every organization. The reason the numbers seem larger is due to the fact that the Catholic church has a lot of members worldwide. STOP TARGETING THE CATHOLIC CHURCH, FOR FUCK'S SAKE!

Now, off my soap box, I honestly did not see anything special about the film itself. It was a by-the-numbers investigatory film about a small section of the Boston Globe trying to take down the Catholic church by writing a major article about the child molestation cases that everyone in the world is already aware of. It's nothing new, and even within the story of the film, I don't really see a point to what they are doing. Again, the stories had already surfaced elsewhere, what was really the point of what they were doing? It's like they're shooting bullets at Godzilla, there's no point because it won't bring down the monster. There was really nothing about the film that even warranted its existence or my watching it. That's not to say the actors didn't do a fantastic job, or that the direction was bad, but it takes much more substance to make a good film.
Original theatrical aspect ratio: 1.85:1
Rated R for some language including sexual references.

Mark Ruffalo + Michael Keaton + Rachel McAdams + Liev Schreiber + John Slattery + Stanley Tucci

Written by
Josh Singer and Tom McCarthy

Directed by
Tim McCarthy


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