1993 ***** 197 mins.

This film shows what Steven Spielberg is capable of. The true story of the Nazi who saved 1100 Jews from certain death is captured on film brilliantly in black and white with color sequences used to enhance the story. The cast is superb and the film flies by at an incredible pace, sucking the viewer in from the first frame. Be prepared for a film unlike any other when you sit down to watch one of the most uplifting tragic tales in history - Schindler's List.
Original theatrical aspect ratio: 1.85:1
Rated R for language, some sexuality, and actuality violence.

Liam Neeson + Ben Kingsley + Ralph Fiennes + Caroline Goodall + Jonathan Sacalle + Embeth Davidtz

Based on the Novel by
Thomas Keneally

Screenplay by
Steven Zaillian

Directed by
Steven Spielberg


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