1994 ****
Original Theatrical Cut runs 119 mins.
Director's Cut runs 122 mins.

Oliver Stone's in-your-face film about a couple of mass murderers' rise and fall has plenty of entertainment value, plenty of great thoughts and ideas, but gets a bit drab in the middle and finishes too comically. Many critics bash it as being overly violent and sexual, "an attack on the senses," but those same critics, I don't think, get the point of the film. If anything, I don't think it was violent and sexual enough at points. The Director's Cut solves this issue a bit. Oliver Stone tries to make a statement with this film that we are obsessed with sex and violence, and he wants to show us what we're going to end up as if we don't watch ourselves. I think this is a very good film that only has some problems technically.
Original theatrical aspect ratio: 1.85:1
Rated R for Extreme Violence and Graphic Carnage, for Shocking Images and for Strong Language and Sexuality.

Woody Harrelson + Juliette Lewis + Robert Downey, Jr. + Tommy Lee Jones + Tom Sizemore + Rodney Dangerfield + Edie McClurg

Story by
Quentin Tarantino

Screenplay by
David Veloz & Richard Rutowski & Oliver Stone

Directed by
Oliver Stone


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