1964 ****1/2 173 mins.

In my senior high school English class, my teacher showed us clips from this film, fast forwarding through it on our last day of class. I was immensely entertained and impressed by it. Years later, when I finally saw the whole film, I though it was amazing. Directed by the legendary George Cukor, My Fair Lady stars Audrey Hepburn as Eliza Doolittle, the poor little flower girl who is taken in by the rich Professor Higgins, on a bet. He bets that he can make a fine lady out of the poor girl. In today's society, the message of the story seems to be a bit lost. People look down on Harrison's character because, "He had no right to take a woman against her will and changer her into something else. To appreciate the film, one must put himself back in the time period which the film presents. A "flower girl" was no better than a modern day prostitute. Also, one must see the growth and development of the characters. The film is truly brilliant, and my only problem with it is that is strays a little too far from the focus of the story at times.
Original theatrical aspect ratio: 2.35:1 (Super Panavision 70)
Rated G.

Audrey Hepburn + Rex Harrison + Stanley Holloway + Wilfrid Hyde-White + Gladys Cooper + Jeremy Brett + Theodore Bikel

Based on the Play "My Fair Lady"
Book and Lyrics by
Alan Jay Lerner

Music by
Frederickc Loewe

From the Play by
Bernard Shaw

Screenplay by
Alan Jay Lerner

Directed by
George Cukor


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