1996 ***** 135 mins.

From the beginning of the opening credits to the ending credits, I was absolutely mesmerized by this film. Although it's a rock opera by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber, I hardly noticed that the characters were singing through the whole film. Alan Parker's direction made the film seem just like a normal film, and the lyrics all sounded like natural dialogue. The performances were just like a normal film. The bottom line: this is a musical for people who don't like musicals. Madonna shines as the title character, who rises from a childhood of poverty to wed the president of Argentina. Antonio Banderas nearly steals the show, though, as the narrator who weaves his way in and out of Eva's life. Jonathan Pryce also deserves a special mention as President Juan Peron. This is definitely a film that gets better and better with repeat viewings.
Original theatrical aspect ratio: 2.35:1 (2.35 Research PLC)
Rated PG for thematic elements, images of violence and some mild language.

Madonna + Antonio Banderas + Jonathan Pryce + Jimmy Nail

Lyrics by
Tim Rice

Music by
Andrew Lloyd Webber

Screenplay by
Alan Parker and Oliver Stone

Directed by
Alan Parker

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