1999 **1/2
Original Theatrical Cut runs 162 mins.
Director's Cut runs 157 mins.

Watching this film was as torturous for me as Wolf of Wall Street. Although it has a very talented director at the helm, the subject matter was too distancing for me to appreciate it. If you're into American football, then you may have no problem enjoying this film. I despise sports, and this film is all about one team's struggles throughout a difficult season and the new hot shot quarterback who thinks he's hot stuff. Jamie Foxx fit that role perfectly, as I see him as a bit of a stuck up individual, especially after Django Unchained. Al Pacino turns in an amazing performance, as usual, as the coach trying in vain to lead his team and fight his manager, played by Cameron Diaz. The best things about this film were Oliver Stone playing a commentator, his voice and presence was perfect in that position, and Elizabeth Berkley, believe it or not. She brought a presence that was quite welcome, and it's obvious she'd really grown as an actress since Showgirls. This is also the first and only time I've ever felt she was actually physically attractive. I also loved the appearances of Charlton Heston in this film and the meanings behind them. So, if you like American football, then you'll have plenty of excitement with this film. If you're like me and are not in to any sort of sport, then you'd be best to leave this one alone.
Original theatrical aspect ratio: 2.35:1 (Super 35)
Rated R for language, sexuality/nudity, and drug content.

Al Pacino + Cameron Diaz + Dennis Quaid + James Woods + Jamie Foxx + LL Cool J + Matthew Modine + Charlton Heston + Ann-Margret + Aaron Eckhart + John C. McGinley

Screenplay by
John Logan and Oliver Stone

Directed by
Oliver Stone


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