1999 ***** 122 mins.

American Beauty is, without a doubt, one of the greatest motion pictures of all time. What makes it so great is that people from all different facets of life can agree that it is a spectacular film. I've talked to respectable adults and to teenage troublemakers, and both sides agree that this is one of their favorite films. The film won the Best Picture, Director, and Screenplay honours for the 1999 Academy Awards, and yet it still has a teenage appeal.

The film centers around the Burnham family. Lester (Kevin Spacey) is bored with is life and is interested in his daughter's best friend (Mena Suvari). Carolyn (Annette Bening) begins an affair with a rival real estate agent (Peter Gallagher). Jane (Thora Birch) is interested in the odd new neighbour (Wes Bentley). Great filmmaking and acting keep the story going ahead interestingly and wonderfully. Don't pass up a chance to see American Beauty.
Original theatrical aspect ratio: 2.35:1 (Super 35)
Rated R for language, violence, sexual content/nudity, and drug use.

Kevin Spacey + Annette Bening + Thora Birch + Allison Janney + Peter Gallagher + Mena Suvari + Wes Bentley + Chris Cooper

Written by
Alan Ball

Directed by
Sam Mendes


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