Yi Yi

2000 ****1/2 173 mins.

Edward Yang's Yi Yi was quite a different film than I expected it to be. From the cover art of the Fox Lorber and Criterion releases, I thought the film was going to be about the misadventures of a young boy. In reality, it's a searing drama about the trials and tribulations that befall a family. Truly powerful from beginning to end, the film is filled with many poignant observations about the meaning of life, and it's sure to speak to you on a deeply personal level. There are moments during its nearly three hour running time where it seems to drag a bit, but all in all, the film is crafted to feel like a classical composition. There are moments of great gusto, and softer, slower, subtler moments that allow you to take a breath.
Original theatrical aspect ratio: 1.85:1
Not Rated.

Nianzhen Wu + Elaine Jin + Kelly Lee + Jonathan Chang + Issey Ogata

Written and Directed by
Edward Yang

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