1932 ***** 72 mins.

Although this is the first sound motion picture from acclaimed filmmaker Carl Theodor Dreyer, its style is deeply rooted in silent film. That's not a bad thing, though, as the entire film is very surreal. The silent talkie adds to the surrealism. The plot is simple and relatively unimportant. A young man gets mixed up with a strange group of people who are involved with vampires. This is definitely a film of style over substance, and the style is so wonderful, brilliant, and unsettling, that the substance doesn't matter. Every horror fan should have this in his library.
Original theatrical aspect ratio: 1.19:1
Not Rated.

Julian West + Henriette Gerard + Jan Hieronimko + Sybille Schmitz + Maurice Schutz + Rena Mandel

Screenplay by
Carl Theodor Dreyer and Christen Jul

Based on a Story from "In a Glass Darkly" by
Joseph Sheridan le Fanu

Directed by
Carl Theodor Dreyer

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