There Will Be Blood
Original Music by JONNY GREENWOOD

2007 *****

1. Open Spaces
2. Future Markets
3. Prospectors Arrive
4. Eat Him By His Own Light
5. Henry Plainview
6. There Will Be Blood
7. Oil
8. Proven Lands (Intro)
9. Proven Lands
10. HW / Hope of New Fields
11. Stranded the Line
12. Prospector's Quartet
13. De-Tuned Quartet

It's really a shame that some ridiculous technicality didn't allow Jonny Greenwood's brilliant score to Paul Thomas Anderson's equally brilliant film, There Will Be Blood, to be nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Score. This album is far too brief, and that's it's only flaw. So, you'll just have to spin it over and over again.