1973 *1/2

1. Little Jack
2. Crash
3. Caroline
4. Mean Old Man
5. Dopey Joe
6. Wordless
7. She'll Make you Cry
8. Friends
9. Send No Letter
10. Jack & Jane
11. Louise

For many, many years, I'd heard rumors about how bad the fifth and last studio album by The Velvet Underground was. For many, many years, it was out of print and very hard to find. Thanks to, though, MP3s of a newly remastered version were available for $7.99, so I took advantage of it. I normally don't buy mp3's of anything I don't own a hard copy of, but due to the scarce nature of this album, I did what I had to do. In the end, I wish I hadn't. Squeeze is just as bad as I'd heard. When the album began, and "Little Jack" came on, I thought, "Okay, this may not be that bad. This song kind of feels like something that would fit into a Wes Anderson film." Once that track was over, though, the album plodded along from one ridiculous track to another, a lot of them drifting dangerously into country territory. Lou Reed must really have been the true genius and talent behind the band, for without him, this album fails miserably.