T H E   S E C R E T   H I S T O R Y   O F
Written by Mark Frost

2016 ***** 362 pages

I read this and Mark Frost's follow-up book, Twin Peaks: The Final Dossier in one day. Being the huge Twin Peaks fan I am, I was hooked and did not want to put these books down. I actually found The Secret History of Twin Peaks more fascinating than The Final Dossier. The Secret History of Twin Peaks goes way back to the Lewis and Clark expeditions, making interesting and incredible links to the world of Twin Peaks. Characters from the original series who thus far seemed relatively insignificant are brought to the forefront. For example: Douglas Milford, mayor Milford's brother, is actually a major character here, weaving in and out throughout the town's strange past. If you haven't seen the series, then do not read this book. This is only for hardcore fans who want more.