Original Motion Picture Score
by Hans Zimmer

1993/2017 *****

1. You're So Cool (Main Title)
2. I Think I Love You
3. To the Club
4. Not My Clothes
5. I'm Your Son
6. Father Goodbyes
7. Stars at Dawn
8. Alabama Hit
9. Start Over
10. Needed Gun
11. Elevator Tension
12. Police Comes In
13. Shootout
14. End Scene
15. Main Title (Alternate 1)
16. Main Title (Alternate 2)
17. Main Title (Remix)
18. You're So Cool
19. Stars at Dawn
20. Amid the Chaos of the Day

For 24 years, the only snippets of Hans Zimmer's brilliant score to my favorite film of all time were three tracks on the original soundtrack album. In 2017, thanks to Enjoy the Ride Records, we finally got Hans Zimmer's complete score on vinyl and mp3. I truly cherish it, I really do. It's an incredible score, and I'm so glad true fans like myself can finally enjoy it to the fullest. Now, if we could just get a Super Deluxe Edition True Romance soundtrack that mixes everything from both soundtracks together, plus songs that appear on neither album, all in the correct film order, then that would be Heaven! Hey, we can dream, can't we?!

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