2015 ***1/2 96 mins.

It pains me that I had to wait three years to see this film. It premiered at a film festival in March of 2015, and I kept checking IMDb and checking IMDb, but no news ever surfaced. Then, it got a hush-hush DVD release in October of 2017, and I didn't know about it until months later, when I randomly stumbled across it on I'm, quite possibly, the world's biggest Natalie Portman fan, and ever since I saw Star Wars: Episode I in theatres, I've made it my mission to see every film of hers in theatres. This is one that I wasn't able to do that with, and it saddens me.

Now, on to the film itself. It's a very well put together film, a collection of seven short films from seven different directors, based on a book by Robert Boswell. The film begins very strongly, but as the stories progress, they get less and less interesting. In fact, the last story should have been cut completely. It left a bad taste in my mouth for many reasons, which are quite obvious if you watch it. The stories all examine different aspects of human behavior and our memories. They're all shot well and the actors all do a fantastic job. It's a shame this film never got any real recognition. It's worth seeking out, watching, and discussing.
Original theatrical aspect ratio: 2.35:1 (Digital)
Not Rated.

Tony Cox + Kelsey Ford + James Franco + Keir Gilchrist + Jack Kehler + Tyler Labine + Kai Lennox + Jacob Loeb + Thomas Mann + Kate Mara + Bo Mitchell + Ahna O'Reilly + Jim Parrack + Natalie Portman + Rico Rodriguez + Abigail Spencer + Amber Tamblyn + Kristen Wiig

Screenplay by
Roxanne Beck + Neville Kiser + Marissa Matteo + Mona Nahm + Jessica Nikkel + Nicole Jackie Vleck

Based on the Book by
Robert Boswell

Directed by
Mark Columbus + Sarah Jean Kruchowski + Ryan Moody + Simon Savelyev + Vanita Shastry + Shadae Smith + Jeremy David White


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