2019 *** 125 mins.

I heard that in just its first two weeks of release in its native country of China, The Wandering Earth had already grossed half a billion dollars at the box office. This sparked my interest, and I just had to see it. My local AMC was showing it, so I went to see it. It was an exciting, enthralling experience, even if it was overlong and preposterous. Based on a book by Cixin Liu, The Wandering Earth takes place in a future where the sun has grown and is about to engulf the earth. So, the whole world came together and built a bunch of engines and thrusters to blast the earth out of its orbit and send it on a 2500 year journey to another star system. On its way past Jupiter, a spike in Jupiter's gravity captures Earth and threatens to pull it in unless we can figure out a way to pull from its grasp. The special effects are overwhelming and nowhere near up to the standards of the American film industry today, but by China's standards, they're pretty impressive. My main problem with the presentation I saw was that the subtitle translation was terrible. Tenses were incorrect and sometimes phrases didn't make complete sense. The subtitle translation reads as though it were written by someone to whom English is a third or fourth language. I don't fault the film for this, though, but I felt it necessary to warn potential viewers. Just let this science fiction epic wash over you, and don't analyze it too intently.
Original theatrical aspect ratio: 2.55:1 (Digital)
Not rated.

Wu Jing + Chuxiao Qu + Guangjie Li + Ng Mang Tat + Jinmai Zhao + Jaiyin Lei + Michael Kai Sui + Jingjing Qu + Yichi Zhang + Hauyu Yang + Arkady Sharogradsky + Hongchen Li + Yi Yang + Zhigang Jiang + Huan Zhang

Screenplay by
Gong Geer + Junce Ye + Yan Dongxu + Frant Gwo + Yang Zhixue

Based on the Novel by
Cixin Liu

Directed by
Frant Gwo


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