Written by Carrie Fisher

2016 **** 256 pages

For nearly four decades, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford kept silent about what went on behind the scenes, behind closed doors between the two of them. On October 18, 2016, Carrie Fisher's tell-all book The Princess Diarist was published, revealing to the whole world that she and Harrison Ford had an affair while shooting the original Star Wars in 1977. Two months and a handful of days later, Carrie Fisher would have a heart attack, dying not too long after that. After she died, bookstores sold out of her books, as grieving fans anxiously bought anything they could get their hands on. I was lucky enough to find a copy of this book at my local Walmart when most other stores were sold out. I ravenously devoured this whole book in one day, completely enraptured by the affair and Fisher's rather classy way of telling it all to us. It's a brisk read, very lighthearted most of the time, despite Fisher's all-too-low of an opinion of herself and the rather grim diary excerpts that make up the center section of the book. The most difficult part of this book, though, is remembering how soon after its publication Fisher was to depart from this world. Her dedication to her mother, the great Debbie Reynolds, is also sure to bring a tear to your eye, as Ms. Reynolds passed away merely one day after her daughter.

The truest of Star Wars fans need to read this book. It's a fascinating account of what went on behind-the-scenes, off-the-set of one of the greatest science fiction films of all time. It's also an incredible account of the human psyche. Carrie Fisher was so much more than just Princess Leia, and I truly hope the world will remember that.