1925 *****
Silent Version runs 82 mins. (at 24 fps)
1942 Narrated Version runs 69 mins.

This film is my vote for the funniest film of all time. Never have I ever laughed as hard at a film as I did while watching The gold Rush. There are many home video releases of this film. The best one to watch is the Criterion DVD or blu-ray. The Criterion equally showcases a restored silent version and the 1942 re-issue, which omits the title cards and features a narration throughout by Chaplin. The silent version is the superior version. Chaplin plays a prospector who gets into many misadventures. Well known for the dinner of the boiled boot and the dance of the dinner rolls. There is so much more to the film than that, though.
Original theatrical aspect ratio: 1.33:1
Not Rated.

Charlie Chaplin + Georgia Hale + Mack Swain + Tom Murray + Henry Bergman + Malcolm Waite

Written and Driected by
Charles Chaplin

THE GOLD RUSH on The Criterion Collection

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