2018 ****

1. "The Greatest Show" Panic! at the Disco
2. "A Million Dreams" P!nk
3. "A Million Dreams" Willow Sage Hart
4. "Come Alive" Years & Years and Jess Glynne
5. "The Other Side" Max & Ty Dolla $ign
6. "Never Enough" Kelly Clarkson
7. "This is Me (Reimagined Remix)" Keala Settle, Ke$ha, & Missy Elliott
8. "Rewrite the Stars" James Arthur & Anne-Marie
9. "Tightrope" Sara Bareilles
10. "From Now On" Zac Brown Band
11. "The Greatest Show" Pentatonix
12. "Come Alive" Craig David
13. "This is Me" Ke$ha

Let's be completely honest: there's nothing that can compare to the musical brilliance of the original film soundtrack to The Greatest Showman. However, this is an interesting alternative soundtrack for the hardcore fans of the film. Featuring covers of every song in the film (and three get covered twice), The Greatest Showman Reimagined is mostly a very good compilation. Panic! at the Disco begin the album with a stirring rendition of "The Greatest Show," followed by P!nk's amazing version of "A Million Dreams." P!nk's daughter then comes on with the reprise of "A Million Dreams," which I feel is a very sweet touch. "Never Enough" is a song that feels tailor-made for Kelly Clarkson, as does "Tightrope" for Sara Bareilles. Sara Bareilles even brings her own delightful personal flair to the song that makes it better than the original film version, in my opinion. The last real highlight of the album is Zac Brown Band's country-esque version of "From Now On," which is a tremendous amount of fun. What single-handedly nearly ruins the album for me, though, is Missy Elliott's appearance in "This is Me," the Oscar-nominated song from the film. She comes in with sterotypically poorly-written rap (she makes a Steve Urkel reference, for crying out loud!) that feels very out of place and goes on way too long. I much prefer Ke$ha's solo version, which appears as a bonus track at the end of the album. I was actually impressed at Ke$ha's actual singing ability, which is showcased here. I've only ever heard her mainstream pop stuff, which, catchy though it may be, doesn't necessarily allow her true talents to be heard.