Written by Emilie Autumn

First Edition published 2009 - 266 pages
Second Edition published 2011 - 266 pages
Audio Book released 2016 - 7 hours, 40 minutes
eBook released 2017 - 375 pages

Emilie Autumn's The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls is a novel unlike any other. She's revised it at least a couple times since its original publication, but the revisions have only served to better the material. I have the second edition hardcover edition, as well as the audio book and ebook. Each one is special in its own right. The print edition features elaborate artwork, exquisite design, and plenty of gorgeous pictures of our Emilie. The audio book is read by Emilie herself, so it is powered by her interesting, intriguing voice. The ebook is an interactive experience, where the reader can go on a quest, finding clues and clicking links embedded throughout. This book is obviously Emilie's baby.

The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls is a semi-autobiographical book about a young woman who is wrongfully institutionalized. While her normalness goes completely unrecognized, she keeps receiving letters by a young woman named Emily, from the Aslyum for Wayward Victorian Girls, from about 150 years ago. As Emilie's story unfolds, she becomes more and more invested in Emily's story, and the lines between the here and now and the past become wonderfully entwined. It may be difficult for some readers, though, as Emilie presents the subject matter in a no-holds-barred manner. I feel that's the best way to present the material, though, and the author should be praised, rather than reprimanded, for her forthrightness in these issues.