Switch Bitch
Written by Roald Dahl

1974 **** 182 pages

I stumbled across this book in Books-A-Million one day, and I had to do a double take. Switch Bitch by... Roald Dahl?!?! A collection of four adult short stories... by... Roald Dahl?!?! Needless to say, I devoured this sucker! The first and last stories, "The Visitor" and "Bitch" both deal with a notorious ladies man named Uncle Oswald, who also has his own Roald Dahl novel, My Uncle Oswald. "The Great Switcheroo" is about two men who plot to sleep with each others' wives without the wives knowing. "The Last Act," which is about a woman contemplating suicide after her husband's death, is the weakest story here. Switch Bitch really is an interesting read, one I'm sure to read a few more times in the future.