Summer with Monika

1953 ***1/2 97 mins.

Harriet Andersson shines in this film from the legendary Ingmar Bergman. Andersson plays the titular character, who goes away one summer with a young man named Harry. Both from boring, working-class families, the two share a carefree, reckless affair, only to be confronted with reality once the summer is over. This film has a lot to say about young love and its consequences, but like a lot of Bergman's early films, it's only for the die hard fan.
Original theatrical aspect ratio: 1.37:1
Not Rated.

Harriet Andersson + Lars Ekborg + Dagmar Ebbesen + Ake Fridell + Naemi Briese + Ake Gronberg + Sigge Furst + John Harryson + Georg Skarstedt + Gosta Ericsson

Screenplay by
Ingmar Bergman and Per Anders Fogelstrom
From Fogelstrom's Novel

Directed by
Ingmar Bergman

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