Summer Interlude

1951 *** 96 mins.

Although this film was a bit of a turning point in Bergman's career, creatively, it's not a very memorable film, fading into the background of his better, more famous works. It's still worth a viewing for the dedicated fan, though. Maj-Britt Nilsson plays Marie, a ballet dancer who remembers one wonderful summer with a young man, while living through her dull present. As I said, nothing special, but worth at least one viewing.
Original theatrical aspect ratio: 1.37:1
Not Rated.

Maj-Britt Nilsson + Birger Malmsten + Alf Kjellin + Annalisa Ericson + Georg Funkquist + Stig Olin + Mimi Pollak + Renee Bjorling + Gunnar Olsson

Screenplay by
Ingmar Bergman and Herbert Grevenius

Original Story by
Ingmar Bergman

Directed by
Ingmar Bergman

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