Written by Marv Wolfman
Based on the Screenplay by David Ayer

2016 *** 375 pages

I am one of the few critics who fell head-over-heels in love with the motion picture Suicide Squad. I saw it twice in its first week of release and was anxious to read the novelization. I hoped the novelization would offer more insight into the story and the characters. While there was a little extra, it wasn't enough to really satisfy my curiosity. Honestly, without the visual style and flair of the film, the book just seemed to drone on and on. It's not written very well; it's typical, by-the-numbers novelization fare. That's not saying I didn't still enjoy it, to a point. It's still Suicide Squad, and I love Suicide Squad. It's not a book I'd recommend to anyone who isn't a huge fan of the movie, though.