Written by Stephen King

2006 ** 449 pages

Cell is one of the worst Stephen King books I have read in quite some time. Like 11/22/63, it's a major missed opportunity. Instead of exploring all the interesting psychological and cultural avenues this story could have explored, King walks the straight and narrow, giving us a novel that has little to no depth with two-dimensional characters you never really feel a connection to. On October 1st, a "pulse" is sent out to every cell phone in at least the United States, possibly the world, turning those using them at that time and any time after into insane, rabid, killing creatures. Those who didn't get the "pulse" become lone wanderers, fending for themselves. The story mainly follows a young graphic artist who longs to find his son. Again, rather than exploring the story from a more The Stand-like global phenomenon, King takes the easy way out and turning every page becomes more difficult than the one before it.