2017 ***1/2 129 mins.

We're getting spoiled with Terrence Malick films lately! From the formerly mysterious director, who didn't make a film for 20 years, he's been popping them out left and right since The Tree of Life in 2011. Also, ever since The Tree of Life, he has been seemingly just making the same film over and over, to the point that I despised Knight of Cups. Song to Song is a bit more cohesive than Knight of Cups and is definitely more relatable. Ryan Gosling plays a song-writer/musician who is in love with Rooney Mara. Michael Fassbender is a producer trying to help Gosling, but has been having an affair with Rooney Mara. Along comes Natalie Portman, and Fassbender's attentions are dissuaded. More goes on, as well, and all this is set against the music scene of Austin, Texas. Terrence Malick has promised us that he's going to return to a more straightforward form of filmmaking with his next film. I sure hope so.
Original theatrical aspect ratio: 2.35:1 (Digital)
Rated R for some sexuality, nudity, drug use and language.

Ryan Gosling + Rooney Mara + Michael Fassbender + Natalie Portman + Cate Blanchett + Holly Hunter + Val Kilmer

Written and Directed by
Terrence Malick


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