1986 **** 113 mins.

This is a very good "romantic" comedy about the oddest couple you could ever find. He's a business man and she looks like . . . well, there's not really a way to describe her. Anyway, she takes him from his lunch break to a cheap motel where, yeah. With that out of the way, they spend the weekend together where anything can and does happen. Fun all the way through, with plenty of surprises and not a moment of boredom, Something Wild is something special.
Original theatrical aspect ratio: 1.85:1
Rated R for language, nudity, and sexual content.

Melanie Griffith + Jeff Daniels + Ray Liotta + Margaret Colin + Tracey Walter + Dana Preu + Jack Gilpin + Charles Napier + Robert Ridgely + Sister Carol + The Feelies + Kristen Olsen + John Sayles + Steve Scales + The Texas Kid + Su Tissue + John Waters + Kenneth Utt + Adelle Lutz + Jim Roche

Written by
E. Max Frye

Directed by
Jonathan Demme


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