sara and tegan
under feet like ours

1999 ***1/2

1. Divided
2. Our Trees
3. Come On
4. Freedom
5. Proud
6. More for Me
7. Hype
8. Clever Meals
9. This is Everything
10. Heavy
11. Welcome Home
12. Superstar

"Before they were Tegan and Sara...they were Sara and Tegan," boasts the sticker on the shrinkwrap on the 2017 Record Store Day vinyl. Until 2017, this album had never been on vinyl, and it remains one of the successful Canadian pop duo's most hard-to-find albums. I snagged a copy on Record Store Day, and I enjoyed listening to it. It's nothing special; nothing really stands out. It's a pleasant enough album to listen to, though, and there's nothing bad about it in the slightest. It's nice to listen to the humble beginnings of this amazing duo.