roger waters
is this the life we really want?

2017 ****

1. When We Were Young
2. Deja Vu
3. The Last Refugee
4. Picture That
5. Broken Bones
6. Is This the Life We Really Want?
7. Bird in a Gale
8. The Most Beautiful Girl
9. Smell the Roses
10. Wait for Her
11. Oceans Apart
12. Part of Me Died

" Roger Waters's Is This the Life We Really Want? is the subversive political album we need right now. Waters is pretty straightforward in his anti-Trump messages. "Picture a leader with no fucking brains." "And every time a nincompoop becomes the President." He's also not too shy to point fingers. &qout;Is this the life we really want? It surely must be so, for this is a democracy, and what we all say goes." He really speaks a powerful message, and if it doesn't shake you to your core, then you must not be paying attention. The final three tracks on the album are the best, packing the biggest punch, along with the title track. It's definitely not an album for the casual listener. It's an album for those of us who pay attention, become absorbed, and accept the fact that an album should be more than just a collection of hits and fillers. An album should be an experience, and Roger Waters is one of the supreme rulers of the "Album Experience."