Written by Robert Bloch

1959 ***** 223 pages (2003 Paperback Edition)

This is what started it all! Robert Bloch's novel, which inspired Hitchcock's classic film and all the sequels and rip-offs, is true mystery genius in its finest form. Possibly one of the greatest novels ever written, Psycho is a novel which can be read over and over again. We all know the story, of course. A young woman takes $40,000 from her place of work and runs off to be with the man she loves. She spends a fateful night at a secluded motel and everything changes. What makes the novel so interesting is its structure. It doesn't follow a linear structure, like Hitchcock's film does, and that makes it an exceptionally exciting piece of work. Also, being printed on page, not having to worry about what is or is not seen, Bloch makes Mother a much larger character here than depicted on film.