prince and the new power generation
the love symbol album

1992 ***

1. My Name is Prince
2. Sexy M.F.
3. Love 2 to the 9's
3. The Morning Papers
4. The Max
5. Blue Light
6. I Wanna Melt with U
7. Sweet Baby
8. The Continental
9. Damn U
10. Arrogance
11. The Flow
12. 7
13. And God Created Woman
14. 3 Chains o' Gold
15. The Sacrifice of Victor

The Love Symbol Album is one of the hardest Prince albums for me to listen to. It's biggest and best songs are the first two tracks, so the rest of the album just seems to drone on forever. It's a heavy R&B effort, which can also be a bit off-putting at times. "7" is a bit of a redemption for the album, but it's not enough for me to give this album a green rating. Prince's and his band's immense talents are on full display, though, and there is plenty of merit there. It just doesn't flow that well as an album.