1990 ****1/2

1. Beatnick Sticks
2. Like, Long Hair
3. Midnite Ride
4. Slippin' and Slidin' (Remix)
5. Louie, Louie
6. Night Train
7. Louie-Go Home
8. Have Love Will Travel
9. Over You
10. Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On (Remix)
11. Hi-Heel Sneakers (Remix)
12. Searchin' (Remix)
13. Don't You Just Know It (Remix)
14. Irresistable You (Remix)
15. Maybelline (Remix)
16. Ooh Poo Pah Doo (Remix)
17. Sometimes (Remix)
18. Steppin' Out (Remix)
19. Blue Fox (Remix)
20. Just Like Me (Remix)
21. Action
22. SS 396 (Remix)
23. Corvair Baby (Remix)
24. Kicks (Remix)
25. Shake it Up (Remix)
26. Hungry (Remix)
27. The Great Airplane Strike (Remix)
28. Good Thing (Remix)
29. Ups and Downs
30. Legend of Paul Revere
31. Him or Me-What's it Gonna Be?
32. I Had a Dream
33. Peace of Mind
34. Too Much Talk
35. Happening '68
36. Don't Take it so Hard
37. Cinderella Sunshine
38. It's Happening
39. Judge GTO Breakaway (Remix)
40. Mr. Sun, Mr. Moon
41. Let Me
42. We Gotta All Get Together
43. Just Seventeen
44. Gone Movin' On
45. Indian Reservation (The Lament of the Cherokee Reservation Indian)
46. Birds of a Feather
47. Country Wine
48. Powder Blue Mercedes Queen
49. Song Seller
50. A Simple Song
51. Love Music
52. (If I Had it to Do All Over Again, I'd Do It) All Over You
53. Tobacco Road (Remix)
54. Angels of Mercy
55. Chain of Fools

In the annals of rock and roll history, Paul Revere & the Raiders seem to have been relegated to a footnote. It's a shame because in their prime, they sold as many, if not more, records than The Beatles. Their music is just as good and revolutionary as The Beatles' work, too. While many people call The Monkees the American answer to The Beatles, I call Paul Revere & the Raiders America's answer to The Beatles. After all, historically speaking, Paul Revere was the one who, during the Revolutionary War, warned, "The British are Coming! The British are Coming!"

The Legend of Paul Revere is an almost perfect compilation. It's a great overview of Paul Revere & the Raiders' entire career, from their humble beginnings to their forgotten ending. Where the album fails, though, is its inclusion of only the single version of "Louie-Go Home," which is inferior to its Midnight Ride album counterpart. I understand its inclusion, but I wish they had included the latter, as well. I also fell it goes on a little too long, including some tracks here and there that could have been excised. I also wish the album artwork was a little more aesthetically pleasing. Don't let the word "Remix" fool you, I've listened to all of Paul Revere & the Raiders' stuff many, many, many times, and I couldn't really tell any sort of discernible difference between these versions and the album/single originals. If you only ever buy one Paul Revere & the Raiders collection, this should be it. Don't let the nitpicky things I mentioned deter you. This compilation is still far more inclusive than any other anthology out there.