Music from the Soundtrack of the Academy Award-Winning Film
Composed and Conducted by
Nino Rota

1968 *****

1. Prologue and Fanfare for the Prince
2. Romeo
3. Juliet
4. The Feast at the House of Capulet
5. Their First Meeting
6. What is a Youth (Love Theme From "Romeo and Juliet") Sung by Glen Weston
7. What Light Through Yonder Window Breaks? (The Balcony Scene, Part I)
8. Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow (The Balcony Scene, Part II)
9. But This I Pray... Consent to Marry Us Today
10. Romeo and Juliet are Wed
11. The Death of Mercutio and Tybalt
12. Night's Candles are Burnt Out
13. Adieu (Farewell Love Theme)
14. The Likeness of Death
15. The Ride from Mantua
16. Death... Hath Sucked the Honey of Thy Breath (The Death of Romeo)
17. Love Theme From "Romeo and Juliet" (In Capulet's Tomb)
18. O, Happy Dagger! (The Death of Juliet)
19. Epilogue

For many, many, many years, I cherished my vinyl, CD, and 8-track editions of the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack which featured dialogue from the film. I have always considered it one of my favorite soundtrack albums. However, part of my always yearned for a soundtrack that only showcased Nino Rota's brilliant score. I had no idea that it actually existed! I was at my local record store, looking through all their soundtrack albums, and I stumbled across this album on vinyl. Nino Rota's score complements the film wonderfully, elegantly capturing the tenderness and beauty of Shakespeare's classic tale. To finally have the score isolated, without dialogue, is truly a treat. This is an album to be cherished, right along with the other soundtrack album and the film itself.

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