1968 **** 96 mins.
30th Anniversary Edition: 1999 ** 96 mins.

George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead is a classic of horror cinema. No video collection should be without it. For many, many years, the above pictured Millennium Edition DVD was the best way to view the film. Thanks to the Criterion Collection, we now have an amazing blu-ray release, also pictured above. If at all possible, try to stay away from all of the cheap releases, for they don't show the film as a respectable work. They are what gave the film its status as a typical old beat up film. When restored to its original beauty, the artistic construct of the original film gives it added depth. It does seem to go on a bit long, though, hence the four star rating instead of four and a half or five.

A young woman and her brother are laying flowers on a grave when a zombie attacks them. The woman makes it to a house with another man and they try to survive. Simple enough, right? Well, in 1999, John A. Russo tried to change that. The 30th Anniversary Edition cuts out 15 minutes and inserts 15 minutes of newly shot footage that doesn't fit in at all. Also, there is an annoying new musical score. Worth watching once out of curiosity, but otherwise, stick with the original version. If you can find a version hosted by Elvira, it's also worth a viewing, but only after you see the original version.
Original theatrical aspect ratio: 1.33:1
Not Rated.

Duane Jones + Judith O'Dea + Karl Hardman + Marilyn Eastman + Keith Wayne + Judith Ridley + Kyra Schon + Bill Hinzman + Russ Streiner

30th Anniversary Edition Additional Cast:
Scott Vladimir Lucina + Debbie Rochon + Grant Kramer + Adom Knox

Screenplay by
John A. Russo

Directed by
George A. Romero

30th Anniversary New Scenes Directed by
John A. Russo

NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD in The Criterion Collection

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