1955 ***** 31 mins.

What makes Alain Resnais' documentary on the horrors of the Nazi concentration camps so perfect is not just the brutally haunting nature of the subject matter and how its presented. What makes this documentary so perfect is the length; it is only 31 minutes long. This short documentary makes its point, makes it well known, then leaves the rest of the emotional impact for the viewer to deal with. The film does not ramble on and on like so many documentaries. Resnais interlaces color footage of the abandoned camps, some ten years after the war, with war footage from the early to mid-1940s. The result is a haunting, unforgettable film experience.
Original theatrical aspect ratio: 1.37:1
Not rated; contains very disturbing subject matter.

Narrated by
Michel Bouquet

Narration Written by
Jean Cayrol

Directed by
Alain Resnais

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