2007 ***** 80 mins.

Is it a documentary? Is it a biopic? Is it satire? You'd be best not to analyze it, and go along for the ride. My Winnipeg is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece from a truly creative filmmaker. It's Guy Maddin's ode to his hometown. It's a film you'll never forget once you've seen it. It's loaded with unforgettable imagery, anecdotes, and poetic narration. In fact, I would even call the whole film a cinematic epic poem. I became aware of this film when I got a free poster at a local art theatre. A year or two later, I caught it on Sundance Channel. I held off on buying the Canadian DVD release because I knew The Criterion Collection would eventually get it. I was right!
Original theatrical aspect ratio: 1.33:1
Not Rated.

Ann Savage + Louis Negin + Darcy Fehr + Amy Stewart

Written and Directed by
Guy Maddin


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