Written by Michael Jackson

1988 ***** 300 pages

As long as I live, I'll never understand the cruelty and malice that have been wrongfully imposed upon the great Michael Jackson. He was such a sweet, kind, loving man who had his childhood ripped away from him. He was shy and meek, and only wanted to do good in the world. He gave us so many gifts in the form of music and short films, changing our lives and our world. The only drawback of this amazing autobiography is that he never wrote a second one. This book was written after the release of Bad, before the real bad times really started for the King of Pop. How I would have loved to hear the story of the 20 years of his life after the publication of this book told through his own words. If you consider yourself a hardcore Michael Jackson fan, you need to read this book. You need to own a copy of this book. I bought it and read it cover-to-cover in about a day and a half. It's a truly incredible book, and everyone should read it to learn about the real Michael Jackson.