O R I G I N A L   M O T I O N   P I C T U R E   S O U N D T R A C K
Music Composed and Produced by Giorgio Moroder

1984 *****

1. Love Kills (Freddie Mercury)
2. Here's My Heart (Pat Benatar)
3. Cage of Freedom (Jon Anderson)
4. Blood From a Stone (Cycle V)
5. The Legend of Babel (Giorgio Moroder)
6. Here She Comes (Bonnie Tyler)
7. Destruction (Loverboy)
8. On Your Own (Billy Squier)
9. What's Going On (Adam Ant)
10. Machines (Giorgio Moroder)

A landmark in its own right, Giorgio Moroder's re-edit of Fritz Lang's science fiction classic is more than just an experiment in '80s cinema. It was the first version since the original to make an attempt to tell the story correctly. Moroder's music was just the icing on the cake, and what lovely icing it is, too! This soundtrack pounds and pulses from one track to the next. The only thing I wish is that the tracks were on here in the order they are in the film. In fact, when I put the mp3's in my phone, I put them in the proper film order. This is a must for any '80s music lover.

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