2016 ** 137 mins.

Manchester by the Sea is proof positive that the Academy Awards are nothing but a game of politics. Nothing about this film makes it Oscar worthy. The writing is bland, the film has no real story or structure, the characters are not likable and have no redeeming qualities, and the film drags on forever, making you, the viewer, more depressed by the second. It's shot well, at least, and at least the actors involved give it their all. However, I do not feel Casey Affleck should have won the Oscar. Hell, he's practically playing himself, a younger brother living in the shadow of his more successful older brother. The Oscar should have gone to Denzel Washington for Fences. And Kenneth Lonergan winning on Oscar for Original Screenplay? Really? I reiterate, there is no real cohesive plot, the dialogue is ridiculous, and the film just plods along from one misfortune to the next. Someone please explain to me what I'm missing because I felt this film to be a better contender for the Razzies than the Oscars.
Original theatrical aspect ratio: 1.85:1
Rated R for language throughout and some sexual content.

Casey Affleck + Michelle Williams + Kyle Chandler + Gretchen Mol + Lucas Hedges

Written and Directed by
Kenneth Lonergan


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