1952 ****1/2 137 mins.

Originally intended to be his final film, Charles Chaplin's Limelight is ripe with self-reflection, as Chaplin plays an aging stage "Tramp Comedian" who saves the life of a suicidal, beautiful young dancer. As he nurses her back to health, showing her the beauty of life, his own faith in life and in himself gets restored, and their relationship flourishes. It's a poignant and beautiful film from Chaplin, his most dramatic effort since A Woman of Paris three decades prior. It drones on a bit too long, though, but that is the film's only drawback. A special note about this film is that it won an Oscar for Best Original Score twenty years after its original release, due to Academy rules. It was not seen in the United States until 1972, ergo it was not eligible until then.
Original theatrical aspect ratio: 1.37:1
Not Rated.

Charles Chaplin + Claire Bloom + Nigel Bruce + Buster Keaton + Sydney Chaplin + Norman Lloyd + Andre Eglevsky + Melissa Hayden + Marjorie Bennett + Wheeler Dryden + Barry Bernard + Stapleton Kent + Mollie Glessing + Leonard Mudi + Charles Chaplin, Jr. + Loyal Underwood + Harry "Snub" Pollard + Julian Ludwig + Geraldine Chaplin + Josephine Chaplin + Michael Chaplin + Harry Crocker + Tim Durant

Written and Directed by
Charles Chaplin

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