2014 ****

1. Cruel World
2. Ultraviolence
3. Shades of Cool
4. Brooklyn Baby
5. West Coast
6. Sad Girl
7. Pretty When You Cry
8. Money Power Glory
9. Fucked My Way Up to the Top
10. Old Money
11. The Other Woman

Lana Del Rey's absorbing sound is on full display on Ultraviolence which begins with the nearly seven minute long track "Cruel World," which is so good you never want it to stop. In fact, the whole album is like something out of a dream, with one of the most beautiful voices in the world leading you along. My only real problem with Lana Del Rey is her subject matter. Why do all singers have to sing about drinking, drugs, partying, and all that junk? Why can't we have a gorgeous singer with a gorgeous voice giving us gorgeous music without all the garbage that ruins so many people's lives?