Music by Mica Levi

2016 *****

1. Intro
2. Children
3. Car
4. Tears
5. Autopsy
6. Empty White House
7. Graveyard
8. Lee Harvey Oswald
9. Walk to the Capitol
10. Vanity
11. Decision Made
12. Burial
13. The End
14. End Credits

The film Jackie begins with the first few notes of Mica Levi's score playing over a black screen. When I saw it in theatres, I knew immediately that I had to own the soundtrack. It's a haunting, beautiful, haunting, unconventional score. I bought it on vinyl, and I've listened to it quite a bit, even putting the included mp3 download in my phone, so I can have it with me everywhere I go. It's a truly remarkable score that you're not likely to forget.

JACKIE Original Soundtrack on AllMusic.com