1968 ***** 85 mins.

By 1968, The Monkees were tired of their manufactured image. Their television series had been cancelled just as they were trying to change its storytelling style. The only evidence we have of this is the show's last episode, which many people consider to be the best episode of the series. They were ready to make a feature film, and they didn't want it to be an extended episode. So, with the help of series director Bob Rafelson and the inimitable Jack Nicholson, Head was born. The film features the foursome going through many different, unconnected stories. If I were to hand out an award for the most random motion picture of all time, this would probably be it. It's filled with high energy, great music, and celebrity cameos. It's a film that's in a league all its own, and should not be missed by anyone.
Original theatrical aspect ratio: 1.85:1
Rated G.

Peter Tork + David Jones + Micky Dolenz + Michael Nesmith + Annette Funicello + Timothy Carey + Logan Ramsey + Abraham Sofaer + Vito Scotti + Charles Macaulay + T.C. Jones + Charles Irving + William Bagdad + Percy Helton + Sonny Liston + Ray Nitschke + Carol Doda + Frank Zappa + June Fairchild + Terry Garr + I.J. Jefferson + Victor Mature

Written by
Bob Rafelson and Jack Nicholson

Directed by
Bob Rafelson

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