1922 *****
Original Version runs 104 mins.
Witchcraft Through the Ages cut runs 76 mins.

I first became affiliated with the word "Haxan" through The Blair Witch Project; it was made by Haxan Films. Years later, I found out about this film, where that production company got its name. Haxan means "The Witch" in Swedish, and this film is a documentary-esque exploration of "Witchcraft Through the Ages." I can only imagine what audiences made of this film when it first appeared in 1922. Parts of this film are still shocking and disturbing, even by today's standards. The film is broken into chapters, and there are dramatizations interlaced with the factual information presented. It's an amazing motion picture that no real horror fan should miss. Originally a silent film, Haxan was re-released in 1968 in a narrated version titled, Witchcraft Through the Ages.
Original theatrical aspect ratio: 1.33:1
Not Rated.

Benjamin Christensen + Astrid Holm + Karen Winther + Maren Pedersen + Wilhelmine Henriksen + Kate Fabian + Oscar Stribolt + Clara Pantoppidan + Alice O'Fredericks + Johannes Andersen + Elith Pio + Aage Hertel + Ib Schonberg + Tora Teje + Poul Reumert + Albrecht Schmidt

Written and Directed by
Benjamin Christensen

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