2007 ***** 191 mins.

The diabolical duo of Tarantino and Rodriguez have done it again. Grindhouse is three hours of complete fun and excitement at its best possible level. The experience of this film is impossible to put into words. All that can really be said is that one must see this film in theatres. The blu-ray just isn't the same, no matter how big of a television one may have.

The film begins with a fake trailer directed by Robert Rodriguez, before going into his film Planet Terror. Planet Terror is sheer grindhouse, horror/sci-fi crap. It's great! A scientifically engineered chemical is causing people to turn into zombies and eat each other. Now it's up to a ragtag team of survivors to save what's left of all humanity. Planet Terror is crappy filmmaking at it's absolute best!

After Planet Terror ends, we see three more fake trailers and a commercial or two. Then, we go into Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof (or Thunder Bolt - you'll have to see the film to understand). This film really surprised me; I wasn't expecting it to be that good. Imagine the best car chase seen you've ever seen amplified and add in good healthy chunks of Tarantino's witty but never dull dialogue and you've got Death Proof.

I swear, I've never had as much fun at a movie theatre as I did seeing this film. I saw it on opening night and went back the next day and saw it again, taking my wife along for the ride. She'd attest to everthing I just said and then some. The audience truly makes the film more enjoyable. They laughed, groaned, acted grossed out, and above all, they applauded the end of the film. Never in my whole life have I ever seen an audience applaud at the end of a film. Grindhouse is a masterpiece, through and through. Way to go, Robert and Quentin, you have truly earned the money spent to get into this film.

On another note, I saw this film six times in theatres.
Original theatrical aspect ratio: 2.35:1 (Digital/Super 35)
Rated R for language, violence/gore, nudity, sexual content, and drug use.

Rose McGowan + Freddy Rodriguez + Josh Brolin + Marley Shelton + Jeff Fahey + Michael Biehn + Quentin Tarantino + Michael Parks + Kurt Russell + Rosario Dawson + Vanessa Ferlito + Jordan Ladd + Tracie Thomas + Mary Elizabeth Winstead + Zoe Bell + Michael Bacall + Eli Roth + Monica Staggs + Danny Trejo + Nicolas Cage + James Parks + Sydney Poitier + Richard "Cheech" Marin + Bruce Willis + Tom Savini + Sybil Danning + Tom Towles + Udo Kier + Sheri Moon Zombie + Bill Moseley + Naveen Andrews

Written by
Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino

Directed by
Robert Rodriguez + Quentin Tarantino + Rob Zombie + Edgar Wright + Eli Roth


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